APICDA’s Program Department provides village residents opportunities to pursue business startup funds, scholarships, vocational training and internships. Since its inception, APICDA has awarded over $4.5 million dollars to hundreds of students pursuing a college education and training. These programs play a vital role in APICDA’s workforce development and employment goals to help sustain the CDQ communities.

New scholarships available! APICDA has expanded our Training and Education program with the Haginaa Kidul (Helping to Grow) scholarships. This new program is available to residents from the APICDA Communities of Akutan, Atka, False Pass, Nelson Lagoon, Nikolski, St. George and the Aleutian region communities of Adak, Cold Bay, King Cove, Sand Point and Unalaska. The college scholarship application is due June 1st.  

APICDA is offering a reimbursement pilot program for commercial fishing gear and subsistence
fishing/hunting/gathering gear purchased by CDQ residents. If you have questions about your residency eligibility or if you split your time between communities, please contact Sean Hislop at / 907-929-5273.

The Community Development Grant Program (CDGP) provides a resource to APICDA communities of direct financial support and assists with leveraging additional funding for priority initiatives. 

scholarshipsCollege and vocational education scholarships are offered to CDQ and Unalaska residents.

Internships are available within the APICDA family, subsidiaries, partnerships and other organizations affiliated with the region. 

School grants are used to support schools and foster the education of students. 

Each APICDA member community has a Community Liaison Officer (CLO). The CLO is the community’s local contact for information about APICDA.

Aleutian MarketplaceThe Aleutian Marketplace Fellowship competition provides startup funds and access to established training and mentorship opportunities at statewide events that cater to innovators and entrepreneurs. 

APICDA Scholar newsletterThe APICDA Scholar newsletter is a publication for current and future college students. It includes inspirational stories, practical tips and light-hearted entertainment.

Village-based group trainings are offered to the communities.