In each APICDA community, the City, Tribe and/or Village Corporation is eligible to apply for the Community Development Grant Program for an amount determined yearly by APICDA’s board of directors.

The CDGP provides a resource to APICDA communities of direct financial support and assists with leveraging additional funding for priority initiatives. Each APICDA community has developed a Community Development Plan identifying goals for the community. This program assists communities in accomplishing their community development goals.  


To apply, submit the following by the published deadline of October 1, 2024:
Written Grant Proposal Narrative
Funding Request and Budget
Documentation of Previous Grants or Projects Completed by Applicant
Additional Information to Support Application

Projects must be listed on the Community Development Plan and meet one or more of the CDQ program requirements:
Provide In-Region Employment
Aid in the Reduction of Poverty
Provide Economic and Social Benefits for Community Residents
Aid in Creating a Sustainable and Diversified Local Economy
Benefit the Fishing Industry Directly or Indirectly
Benefit All Community Residents

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