APICDA is a non-profit dedicated to strengthening local economies and building infrastructure to support commerce in six remote villages in the Aleutian-Pribilof region of Alaska. We focus our efforts on community-based initiatives, advocacy, vocational training, education and social programs that have been identified as high priorities. The APICDA board and staff work closely together to achieve our strategic objectives and leverage our resources for maximum benefit to our member communities.

APICDA is dedicated to sustaining six rural Alaska villages in the Aleutian-Pribilof region. We are one of six Western Alaska Community Development Quota (CDQ) corporations established in 1992. The CDQ program allocates a percentage of all Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands quotas for ground fish, halibut and crab to eligible CDQ groups that represent 65 villages.

APICDA’s board is primarily comprised of local Fishermen’s Association members; one representative per community in addition to a fishing industry and a financial industry representative.

The APICDA board clearly articulates APICDA’s purpose and vision as “sustainable communities” and provides a strategic plan that offers meaningful and measurable results.

APICDA hosts an annual photo contest to capture images of the beautiful region, Indigenous culture and fishing industry.