APICDA (Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association) is a vertically integrated seafood company responsibly harvesting, processing and marketing wild Alaska crab, pollock, cod, black cod, halibut and salmon from the Bering Sea and Pacific Ocean in a sustainable manner. We maintain the highest standards of quality for our wild Alaskan seafood from the icy ocean waters all the way to your table.

APICDA is an Alaska seafood company serving a greater purpose. Our focus on community development sets us apart from your typical seafood company. We strive to reflect the values of the people that live in the communities we serve.

The seafood resources have sustained families from our communities for generations. We at APICDA consider it our purpose to ensure that the people within communities can continue to thrive and benefit from the abundant resources that not only feed them, but provide opportunity for their families.

APICDA converts fishery resources into positive community development by using profits to build infrastructure in the communities, fund education and training of the members, providing community grants and other financial investments. 

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