Gear Reimbursement Grant

The GRG helps CDQ resident commercial fishermen maximize their harvesting efforts by reimbursing for new gear and equipment to enhance product quality, productivity, and income potential. In addition, the program offers valuable assistance to subsistence harvesters, enabling them to optimize their harvesting seasons to the fullest extent. The program reimburses 50% of incurred costs for eligible items, up to the maximum for commercial and subsistence gear reimbursements. 

New in 2024, APICDA is piloting a vessel down payment program through the GRG. As part of APICDA’s Resident Fisheries Access Program (RFAP), this benefit supports APICDA CDQ residents with down payment assistance to purchase their first vessel or for vessel owners seeking to upgrade their current vessel. Each grant process is unique to the applicant and requires the interested fishermen to contact APICDA directly for an intake phone call to determine if the applicant is a good fit for the program.                           

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