Prowler Fisheries

Prowler Fisheries, LLC is a 25/25/25/25 partnership between APICDA Joint Ventures (AJV), BJ Ventures, LLC, Wrenchhead, LLC and Omega-3, Inc. AJV serves as the managing partner. The fleet of five vessels, inclusive of the F/LL Prowler, F/ LL Ocean Prowler, F/LL Bering Prowler, F/LL Gulf Prowler and F/LL Arctic Prowler, are longline catcher processors that harvest and process Pacific cod and sablefish in the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska. Prowler Fisheries is managed by Blue North.

Starbound, LLC

APICDA Joint Ventures owns 20 percent of Starbound, LLC a pollock trawl catcher/processor. Other partners include Aleutian Spray Fisheries (65 percent), Barry Ohai (10 percent) and Karl Bratvold (5 percent). This vessel harvests and processes approximately 80 percent of APICDA’s pollock Community Development Quota quota. Aleutian Spray serves as the managing partner.

Kayux Development, LLC

Kayux Development, LLC is a 50/50 partnership between APICDA Joint Ventures and the St. George Tanaq Corporation. This company is dedicated to upland development associated with commercial activities in Tract I, Zapadni Bay Harbor on St. George Island.


Trident Seafoods Corporation is the managing partner and owns 75 percent of False Pass Seafoods (formerly Bering Pacific Seafoods) and False Pass Fuel Services with APICDA Joint Ventures retaining 25 percent.  APICDA and Trident have worked together on several projects since 1992 and have shared a commitment to investing in Alaska for the benefit of the communities, fishermen, employees and customers around the world.