Internship Programs

Internships are available within APICDA, APICDA subsidiaries, partnerships and other organizations affiliated with the region. The Programs Department lists the jobs available and students interview for positions based on interest, experience and availability. During their employment, interns are introduced to APICDA and the many opportunities offered with employment to support our community sustainability focus.

College Internship Program – March 15 deadline

The APICDA College Internship Program provides employment opportunities for residents who receive the Emil Berikoff Sr. Memorial Scholarship. The program helps place students in summer internships that offer practical work experience. Participants must maintain acceptable performance and be in good standing under this program. Internships are available during the summer for three months and allow students to earn the WIN Scholarship

Youth Internship Program – March 15 deadline

The Youth Internship Program was created to introduce youth ages 14-18 to employment opportunities and to provide valuable work experience needed to bridge the gap between going to school and landing a job. Youth partner with a mentor who helps navigate the internship. Participating youth have an opportunity to earn the WIN Scholarship for college. 

Employment Internship Program – Rolling deadline

APICDA offers the Employment Internship Program to residents interested in gaining valuable work experience. Participants must meet the minimum employment qualifications for positions advertised. Duration of placement is three months.



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