Nikolski is one of the oldest continuously occupied communities in the world. Archeological evidence from Ananiuliak Island, on the north side of Nikolski Bay, dates back as far as 8,500 years ago. Nikolski is located on Nikolski Bay, off the southwest end of Umnak Island, one of the Fox Islands. It lies 116 air miles west of Unalaska and 900 air miles from Anchorage.

In June 1942, when the Japanese attacked Unalaska and seized Attu and Kiska, Nikolski residents were evacuated to the Ketchikan area, and some returned in 1944.

APICDA projects include the design, construction and management of the Ugludax̂ Lodge on Umnak Island. The lodge is a popular hunting destination and employs local residents.

Additional APICDA investments include a boat launch, Fishermen’s Association grants, an IRA cabin, a mooring buoy, a community greenhouse, fuel subsidies and a community water tank.

Video of professional surfers in Nikolski with local residents.