APICDA & AJV Board Members

APICDA & AJV boards are primarily comprised of local Fishermen’s Association members; one representative per community in addition to a fishing industry,  financial industry and legal community representative.

Hugh Pelkey – Akutan

Mark Snigaroff – Atka
In 2006, APICDA welcomed Mark back to the board; he first served on the board from 1992-1994. Mark was born and raised in the community of Atka and attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks in the late 1970s. He has served as president of both the Axtam Corporation and the Atka Village Council. Mark has served many years on the Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association board, the Atka Fishermen’s Association, the Aleut Marine Mammal Commission and the Alaska Native Harbor Seal Commission.

Nikki Hoblet – False Pass
Nikki is a lifelong resident of False Pass. She comes from a family that relies on commercial fishing. Nikki works for Eastern Aleutian Tribes as a community health aide and has been serving her region in this capacity for many years. In addition to serving on the APICDA board, Nikki’s other commitments include being the City of False Pass mayor, Aleutians East Borough School Board member, Isanotski Corporation secretary/treasurer and Aleutians East Borough Assembly member.

Justine Gundersen – Nelson Lagoon 
Justine is the secretary/treasurer for the APICDA Board. She has served on the board since the inception of the group in 1992. Justine attended college in Minnesota and lived in New York, Iowa, California and Mexico City before moving to Alaska in the 1970s. Justine began her involvement in politics when she moved to the region. In addition to serving on the APICDA board, Justine served on the Aleutians East Borough Assembly, the local fishermen’s association and various Nelson Lagoon advisory committees. Justine has lived in the lagoon for over 30 years and is currently the council administrator for the Tribe and Corporation.

Tanya Lestenkof – Nikolski

Mark Merculief – St. George
Mark Merculief is an active member of the St. George Fishermen’s Association and has lived in St. George most of his life. He started commercial fishing on his father’s boat at the age of 13 and has worked for APICDA at both Bering Pacific Seafoods (BPS) and Atka Pride Seafoods (APS).  Mark served as an island sentinel in the environmental office at the St. George Tribal Council for three years and gained valuable experience working with state and federal agencies.

Bill Shaishnikoff – Unalaska
Bill was born and raised in Unalaska. He attended college in Everette, Washington before returning to Alaska. He took his family to Olympia, Washington for a few years so his children could experience life on the “outside”. Upon returning to Unalaska, he worked for the city for two years before starting his own rock and gravel business. Bill owns and operates Bering Shai Rock and Gravel on his property in front of the waterfront in Captain’s Bay, aided by his wife, Diane, and their two sons, Steven and Blaine.

Pete Crandall – Financial Institution Representative
Pete graduated from the University of Colorado with a BA in history and English literature. He served as a captain in the United States Army, is a Vietnam veteran and has been awarded the bronze star. He is the former senior vice president and regional administrator for Southeast Alaska with National Bank of Alaska/Wells Fargo. He spent 30 years with NBA/Wells Fargo prior to his retirement.

Bob Nickinovich – Fishing Industry Representative
Bob Nickinovich has over 30 years of experience in marketing, sales and executive management, mainly in the Alaska seafood industry, working in both domestic and international markets. He has experience in production and processing configurations; broker network management; strategic planning; fresh, frozen and shelf-stable product development; budgeting and finance; trading and overseas reprocessing; and domestic/international marketing. Bob has extensive experience in corporate restructuring and creating a new corporate image for companies. He has also served as a director on both corporate and association boards including the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, North Pacific Seafoods and the Pacific Seafood Processors Association.

Leslie Longenbaugh
Leslie was raised on Mt. Edgecumbe and in Sitka. After graduating from Vassar College, she worked for the Alaska Legislature and then attended the University of California Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. She practiced law in Alaska for over 30 years, advising Alaska Native Corporations, small communities, and large nonprofits. Having served as APICDA’s General Counsel from 2005 to 2018, Leslie brings to the board familiarity with the organization’s work and a firm commitment to its mission.