Community Liaison Officers

Each APICDA member community has a Community Liaison Officer (CLO). The CLO is your local contact for information about APICDA. When you need information about programs that you may be eligible for please contact your CLO.

Have questions? Here is what a CLO can assist you with:

  • Employment openings with APICDA and our fishing partners, CLOs have applications and job information.
  • Higher Education Scholarship applications and information.
  • Supplemental Education Scholarship applications and information.
  • Enrollment in local training sponsored by APICDA.
  • Internship applications and information.
  • School Grant information and assistance with your application.
  • APICDA Miscellaneous Grant Program.
  • Provide you with university or vocational training school information when you are looking to further your education.

Listed below are the current CLOs for APICDA communities. Each CLO is in direct contact with the  Training & Education department and will be able to share the latest information with you from APICDA.

April Pelkey
False Pass
Tammy Shellikoff 
Nelson Lagoon
Katie Johnson
Marii Swetzof
Vincent (Vinny) Lestenkof
St. George
Harriet Berikoff & Genee Shaishnikoff