Supplemental Scholarship Program

APICDA’s Training and Education program provides community residents with scholarship, training and internship opportunities. The Training and Education program plays a vital role in APICDA’s employment goals. APICDA offers scholarship programs to supplement community members’ training and education goals. The program enables residents to qualify for jobs in-region that may otherwise be filled by non-CDQ residents.

The purpose of supplemental grants is to provide training and supplemental education scholarship assistance to APICDA residents. APICDA intends to use this program to support the educational endeavors of any resident of the communities in the APICDA region who wishes to pursue certifiable or vocational training.

APICDA believes that vocational training or supplemental education (in any field of training) will assist our communities in building stronger infrastructures to promote and achieve the economic development necessary to relieve the conditions of poverty, dependency, chronic unemployment and underemployment in our region. APICDA intends to use the funds made available through the Community Development Quota program as a genesis for this economic growth and development. Vocational training and supplemental education of the residents of the APICDA region is a key component of this plan.

1. Applicants must: reside in the APICDA region
2. Be accepted to an accredited training program
3. Maintain a 2.0 GPA or passing grade.
4. Applications must be turned in 10 business days prior to payment due date.
5. Scholarships are awarded any amount up to $4,000 per calendar year, based on applicant financial need.


Supplemental Education Scholarship Application