What brought us together?

  • We care about our homes and people.
  • We’re concerned about the many issues facing the region.
  • We want our communities to be places that people want to live and return to.
  • We want our youth to be inspired and more involved.
  • We want to learn from current leaders.
  • We want to have a voice for our generation and be part of the solution.


Members of Lead: Aleutians are active and engaged community leaders who act as positive role models and mentors, share knowledge, and encourage the next generation; take the initiative to learn from established leaders and better understand our history and current issues; and address challenges by asking difficult questions and proactively seeking out answers.


As young community leaders in the region, we recognize:

  • The sharing and carrying forward of the knowledge and experience of our elders is critical, and important to all generations;
  • Our individual and community identity is derived from and maintained by our heritage and culture;
  • The stewardship of our unique natural and human resources determines our economic sustainability and future;
  • Formal, informal and traditional education is key to a healthy, growing community;
  • Our vision of the future must infuse well-established ideas with new perspectives

What we’re about….

  • We’re connecting our region’s communities and generations by improving communications and encouraging future leaders and new ideas.
  • We’re preparing young leaders to lead by sharing resources and building relationships that will have a positive impact for our future.
  • We’re creating opportunities for young leaders to step up.
  • You can get involved and connected on our Facebook. We hope you’ll support us, and utilize this group as a resource.

Action Items for Lead: Aleutians

  • Grow awareness
  • Establish a social network through exchanging information, online and social communication, professional outreach, and community outreach and awareness.
  • Create and promote more community activities and events.
  • Unangax culture and/or annual general regional festival.
  • Pool our network resources for mentorship.
  • Opening up/increasing communication between current leaders and community members— establishing accountability.

Like us at: https://www.facebook.com/LeadAleutians