Scholarship Forgiveness Guidelines

Scholarship Forgiveness Guidelines

This program offers forgiveness to students who default in an APICDA scholarship program. The purpose is to encourage students and those who have defaulted in the past to return to school or seek vocational training and to consider APICDA as a funding source and possible employer.

A scholarship student who defaults on an APICDA scholarship will not be eligible for future funding until the following has been approved by APICDA’s Training and Education Committee:

Emil Berikoff Sr. Memorial Scholarship

  • Students who default in year 1 or 2 of college may request probation for a total of    two terms.
  • Students who default on probation or do not request probation must complete one term of college or university without funds from APICDA and meet the established guidelines of GPA and credit level. Official transcripts will be required to verify student’s re-qualification term.

Supplemental Education Scholarship

  • A resident who defaults in the Supplemental Education Scholarship program will not be eligible for funding for one year from the program’s start date. After one year they may reapply for funding. If funded, they receive one half of their award at the beginning of their program and required to provide a progress report from the instructor regarding progress in the program and likely hood for completion. Second half of funds will be awarded upon a satisfactory progress report.

Applicants who default in either of the scholarship programs above must follow the forgiveness guidelines if they choose to apply for future APICDA funding.