The sablefish fishery was rationalized along with the halibut fishery on January 1, 1995 with much of the same results: improved safety, flexibility, increased product quality, and an increase in product value. This fishery is also comprised primarily of boats less than 60 feet.

Halibut is primarily brought to market headed & gutted or processed into steaks or fillets. There is a growing demand for halibut cheeks. This sweet, delectable meat, once really only used by locals, has caught the eye of many consumers and is fast becoming a delicacy in demand.

Vessels in our CDQ range from 60-90 feet in length. In the Bering Sea, we use our own vessels to harvest our allocation. In the Aleutian Islands we contract the harvest of our fish to the F/V Aleutian Spray which delivers the catch to Atka Pride Seafoods for processing. Successfully harvesting sablefish in the Aleutian Islands is a very difficult task and demands great expertise. We intend to develop those skills in house during the next few years so that our vessels can catch our fish.

MORE INFO  –Read more about sablefish at Alaska Fisheries Science Center – NOAA