Atka Pride Seafoods

APS is a 50/50 partnership between APICDA Joint Ventures and the Atka Fishermen’s Association, and is organized as a Subchapter C corporation. The plant, located in Atka, processes about 500,000 pounds per year of halibut and sablefish in H&G and fillet product forms.

APICDA has worked for nearly 25 years alongside the residents of Atka, building Atka Pride Seafoods and strengthening the local economy.

APICDA’s subsidiary Cannon Fish Company, located in Kent, Washington, sells the premium quality Alaska seafood that APS processes.

Mark Snigaroff Halibut Atka 3
Mark Snigaroff, Atka Commercial Fisherman and APICDA Board Chair, displays a halibut ready for shipment (left).

Aerial view of Atka Pride Seafoods (bottom).crop-aps-web