APICDA (Aleutian Pribilof Island Community Development Association) does business to fulfill its charitable purpose of developing stable local economies based upon the fishing industry in each of our member communities.

APICDA is a fully vertically integrated seafood company that manages assets from harvesting, processing, and marketing our seafood in both wholesale and a retail markets.

As part of our efforts to create stable economies in the Aleut region, we have invested in and developed infrastructure to support fishery related business both in the sport and commercial fishing industries. Our tourism division which handles our sport fishing operations also takes clients out for guided hunts for big game throughout our region.

You can play a role in our community development efforts by simply doing business with APICDA. We take profits and invest them in education for members of our communities, local jobs, employment within our fishing fleet, the building of infrastructure to support a variety of business opportunities throughout our villages.