APICDA is a vertically integrated seafood company responsibly harvesting, processing and marketing wild Alaska crab, pollock, cod, black cod, halibut and salmon from the Bering Sea and Pacific Ocean in a sustainable manner.

APICDA’s focus is to create fisheries related employment opportunities for community members. Throughout our history we have created subsidiary businesses who offer in-region employment. APICDA also partners with large fishing organizations who offer employment to APICDA residents, both onshore and offshore.

BPS News – We are excited to announce that APICDA and Bering Pacific Seafoods (BPS) have entered into a partnership with Trident Seafoods. Trident Seafoods will be operating BPS for the 2018 summer processing season. Due to the change in management, all employment inquiries should be directed to Trident Seafoods Human Resources department at: http://www.tridentseafoods.com/Join-Our-Team/Job-Openings. If False Pass does not appear in the options for Alaska-based employment please include the following note in your application – I prefer to be stationed at the False Pass location, working for BPS – within the application.

For all other employment inquiries, please contact the HR Department or submit an application:

Call: (907) 929-5273
Toll Free 1 (888) 927-4232
Fax (907) 646-7741
E-mail: hr@apicda.com

Employment Application:
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