Pacific Cod

THE FISHERY  The fishery is carried out with long line, pot, trawl and jig gear. Like the pollock fishery, the Bering Sea pacific cod fishery also holds the Marine Stewardship Council certification. The annual quota is allocated among the gear types, as none of these sectors are rationalized in this particular fishery. There is an effort underway to rationalize long lining in the Pacific Cod catcher processor fishery effective January 1, 2008. If this effort is successful it will result in the development of a long lining cooperative, similar to cooperatives in the Pollock fishery, with each vessel and processor receiving annual allocations based on historical catch percentages.

MARKETS  Pacific cod is processed into a variety of products. In the worldwide market, there is demand for headed & gutted and fillet cod products. In parts of southern Europe (especially Portugal and Spain) and Brazil there is also a demand for salt cod. Scandinavian countries value cod tongues and roe. The market value for pacific cod has seen tremendous gain over the last two years due to the rapid decline in cod stocks in Europe (the European cod fishery has been very poorly managed and is not endorsed by the Marine Stewardship Council).

APICDA’s CDQ  Our CDQ pacific cod fishery is carried out by three longline catcher processors: the F/LL Prowler, F/LL Bering Prowler, and the F/LL Ocean Prowler. APICDA owns 20% of each vessel. These vessels product the highest quality of H&G frozen at sea cod. Our products are sold throughout the world.

MORE INFO –Read more about pacific cod at Alaska Fisheries Science Center – NOAA