BPS News – We are excited to announce that APICDA and Bering Pacific Seafoods (BPS) have entered into a partnership with Trident Seafoods. Trident Seafoods will be operating BPS for the 2018 summer processing season. Due to the change in management, all employment inquiries should be directed to Trident Seafoods Human Resources department at: http://www.tridentseafoods.com/Join-Our-Team/Job-Openings. If False Pass does not appear in the options for Alaska-based employment please include the following note in your application – I prefer to be stationed at the False Pass location, working for BPS – within the application.

For all other employment inquiries, please contact the APICDA HR Department.

The Bering Pacific Seafoods plant is located in False Pass, Alaska and processes seafood from both the Bering Sea and Pacific Ocean. It produces the highest quality wild Alaska salmon in the world. Other products include halibut, sablefish and Pacific cod.

False Pass is located on the eastern shore of Unimak Island on a strait connecting the Pacific Gulf of Alaska to the Bering Sea. It is 646 air miles southwest of Anchorage. The name False Pass is derived from the fact that the Bering Sea side of the strait is extremely shallow and cannot accommodate large vessels.

The city of False Pass was incorporated in 1990 and has about 30 residents. The Isanotski Corporation (originally known as the False Pass Corporation) is the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) village corporation for the community and the major landholder in the area. The False Pass Tribal Council is the federally recognized tribe, with responsibility for the health and welfare needs of the community.

For more information about BPS please contact:
Jerry Duckworth, Plant Manager
P.O. Box 87
False Pass, Alaska 99583
Phone: (907) 548-2350
Cell: (907) 717-5771
Fax: (907) 548-2352
Tag Phone: 1060
VHF Channel 6