Atka CLO

Job Summary:

The Atka CLO serves as a liaison between APICDA and community residents. This key position is the local point of contact for residents to learn about APICDA’s programs and opportunities. The CLO is expected to keep up-to-date with APICDA’s programs and requirements. They proactively reach out to community members to assist with finding funding, training programs and jobs in the seafood industry. The CLO provides community information to APICDA and assists APICDA in providing better services to each of APICDA’s seven communities.

Job Requirements:

CLO terms are for one year. Applicants are required to live in the community five years prior to applying and must live in the community year-round as their primary residence.

Applicant must:

  • be 18 years old or older.
  • be comfortable with public speaking and giving presentation.
  • be willing to interview students and prospective employees.
  • have a computer/printer and/or fax machine or regular access to one.
  • be proactive in their community involvement with local programs, government, boards, schools, etc. and be a current member of the Fisherman’s Association.
  • be willing to oversee two community activities per month.
  • be willing to travel and attend CLO meetings, APICDA’s annual Community Outreach Conference, and CLO Training.
  • be willing to provide two community activities a month.

 Training will be provided for the individual selected to fill the CLO position.


CLOs are contracted by APICDA and are compensated at a maximum rate of $1,000 per month, based on reported activity.

Applications are available at APICDA’s website ( or by contacting Human Resources at 1-888-927-4232. Please submit applications by fax to (907) 646-7741 or email to