APICDA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation incorporated in the state of Alaska. Our charitable purpose is to develop stable local economies in our member communities. APICDA was established in 1992.


APICDA’s membership is composed of the fishermen’s associations from each community. Any resident of an APICDA community is eligible to join the local fishermen’s association. On a rotating two-year schedule, the membership of each fishermen’s association elects an individual to serve as a member of the APICDA foundation. The foundation members then elect themselves to serve as members of the APICDA Board of Directors. The eligibility requirements to be elected to the APICDA foundation are that the individual must have been a member of the local fishermen’s association for at least one year and must physically reside in the community for at least eight months of each calendar year.


The APICDA Board of Directors is composed of seven voting and two non-voting members. Six of the voting members are those elected by the fishermen’s associations in our member communities. The seventh voting member is an expert in the fishing industry who is appointed by the Board of Directors. The two non-voting members consist of a representative from the Unalaska Native Fishermen’s Association and an individual with expertise in the financial world.


APICDA has several committees to help oversee corporate governance, including the Executive Committee, the Budget & Audit Committee, the Financial Investment Committee, the Policy & Procedures Committee, and the Training & Education Committee.


As a 501(c)(3) corporation, APICDA engages in numerous non-profit activities. These generally fall into four categories: administrative (board of directors and other administrative activities), non-profit grant activities (scholarships, vocational education activities, substance abuse programs, school grants, etc.), infrastructure development (contributions of matching funds for the construction of docks and harbors, etc.) and contributions to capital (for equity investments). Contributions to capital are made to APICDA Joint Ventures, and are used to acquire profit-making assets or support already existing business activities.

APICDA Joint Ventures (AJV) is APICDA’s wholly-owned for-profit subsidiary. As AJV makes equity investments, profit-making subsidiaries are formed to manage the investment. AJV, and the companies in which it has invested, are subject to corporate income tax laws.